Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers and their safety features

There are number of things related to garage door opener that you need to keep in mind while considering your safety. As garage door opener is the crucial component that instructs your door to open and close, any mistaken click on the remote control can result into major accident. So, here are some tips to secure your family from any sudden accident.

  • Don’t let your kids play with the remote of garage door opener as it can result into causing a serious injury and even death. So, always keep the remote out of the reach of your kids.
  • Be aware of the emergency release and make all the adults of your family know about it, so that they can use it in the time of need.
  • If you are having electric control for your garage door opener, then ensure that its pushbutton is about or over 5 feet high from the floor.

Moreover, garage door openers come with some safety features which can keep you safe and secure. No matter which among three types of garage door openers you have chosen, it should be incorporated with these features.

  • Auto-reverse

The function of this feature is clearly depicted by its name i.e. the door will reverse its direction if it encounters any obstacle or a solid object in its path. Like, if the door is closing and it touches any hard object in its way, then it will immediately move upwards.  The garage door openers manufactured after 1991 are required to have this feature.  If you want to check that whether this feature is working well with your opener, then you can intentionally place an object in its way and can check the result.

  • Photoelectric eye

The photoelectric eye is fixed on the track system of the door and it transmits a beam of light. If that beam gets broken by any object, person or pet, while the door is closing, then the door will reverse and will get fully opened. This feature will keep your kids safe if they accidently cross the door path.

To check this feature, you can intentionally roll on a ball or any other object to break the light beam.

  • Manual controls

Manual controls will let you access your garage door during power outage, opener malfunction and any other hazard like storm. Also known as emergency release, this feature releases the opener system and lets you open and close the door manually when required. You should be aware of this feature as disaster can strike anytime and also, should check it on regular intervals that it is working properly.

All these features will help you to ensure full safety. However, in the case you encounter any problem with your garage door opener or its safety components; you should consult the garage door repair professionals for fixing the issues. In many of the cases, issues are fixed through normal repairs, but sometimes, garage door opener replacement is in demand. As only professionals can detect the problem and recommend you the proper solution, you should go for the professional repair services.